June 27, 2008

The State Of The Race

Peggy sums it up pretty well, I think:

Everyone in New York is saying, "What will happen?" "How do you see it?" "Who will win?" In this year of all years, who knows? My sense of it:

The campaign will grind along until a series of sharp moments. Maybe they will come in the debates. Things will move along, Mr. Obama in the lead. And then, just a few weeks out from the election, something will happen: America will look up and see the inevitability of Mr. Obama, that Mr. Obama has already been "elected," in a way, and America will say, Hey, wait a second, are we sure we want that? And it will tighten indeed.

The race has a subtext, a historic encounter between the Old America and the New, and suddenly the Old America—those who are literally old, who married a guy who fought at the Chosin Reservoir, and those not so old who yet remember, and cherish, the special glories of the Old—will rise, and join in, and make themselves heard. They will not leave without a fight.

And on that day John McCain will suddenly make it a race, as if moved by them and wanting to come through for them one last time. And then on down to the wire. And then . . .

And then. What a year, what an election. It continues to confound and to bedazzle.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that the race will tighten up even earlier than Peggy predicts, as I continue to believe that the country's infatuation with the Obamessiah is just a summer thing. Frankly, I'm not even planning to pay any attention to the "polls" until, say, September.

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Dream on Peggy. The cable news networks are all agog today with Barack and Hillary unifying in of all places Unity, New Hampshire. How cute..how symbolic. What a media coup.
Meanwhile where is the McCain mutiny? Off in Ohio courting a lot of pissed off, layed off auto workers most of whom wouldn't vote for Jesus Christ if he had an "R" after his name.
Let's not forget the already overwhelmingly liberal MSM. The media types are standing on the threshold of history and they know it. Giddy at the opportunity to cover the first Black candidate with a real shot at the Presidency. This is as good as the camelot days that their equally liberal parents spoonfed them on in their youth.
Of course, the prospect of covering THE first Black President is much more exciting than covering the race so, ever so slowly, the proportion of press coverage slips more and more toward Obama(just to help history along..you know) and McCain is left eating dust.
The manifestations of this are already obvious.
Obama's position on the issues changes like the wind but the media poo.poo's this. "He's growing as a candidate"..."He's learning"..."A savvy political move to the center"....without a hint of hypocrisy.
It only get's better. If the media does elect the first Black President then they must protect him.
It would be unthinkable that the first Black President be a failure. If Obama proves to be as incompetent as he could be, look forward to the biggest media snowjob imaginable.
The future could be very trying indeed....

Posted by: Tbird at June 27, 2008 01:31 PM