June 16, 2008

Gratuitous Llama Movie Review

Because our 15th anniversary is this week but because we also have a crazy insane schedule for the foreseeable future, the Missus and I ditched the kids and snuck off to the local Ritz Saturday night. We had a very nice swim followed by drinks and dinner and then decided to settle down and check out a movie together.

The movie we settled on was Dan in Real Life. I thought it looked promising a) because I had read a pretty good review somewhere recently and b) because I like Steve "We Gonna Need More Wax" Carell's humor.

Imagine my surprise and horror, then, when half an hour into the film I suddenly discovered......it's a chick-flik.

It wasn't funny, it was sappy. I could go into it, but I won't waste the pixels. One and a half yips! out of five and that's only because I like John Mahoney, who had a bit part as Carell's old dad.

Posted by Robert at June 16, 2008 08:25 AM | TrackBack

Eh, I gotta say I didn't mind it all that much. But then I didn't go into it with "40-yr Old Virgin" in mind. I thought Juliette Binoche was a pleasant surprise (my only other movie experiences with her being the uber-creepy "Damage" and the mind-numbing "The English Patient").

She and Carrell had pretty good on-screen chemistry. Worth getting through Netflix IMO.

Posted by: Gary at June 16, 2008 11:02 AM