June 13, 2008

Friday The 13th

You may have seen the story on Drudge today about the big blackout in downtown Dee Cee this morning.

Regular reader ChrisN puts in words what was no doubt in thousands of other people's minds:

Was just wondering if Robbo was caught up in (or sent home from) the Friday the 13th blackout this morning. Thought I might see a post on that today.

My agency was just outside the blackout zone. We may not have gotten sent home, but at least we never lost air conditioning. I must say that getting out of the Farragut West station in near total darkness was an interesting experience, though.

To tell the truth, as I came through Farragut West on the metro, it did seem a bit on the dark side, but I thought that was just me being especially needful of my morning coffee.

My building wasn't directly affected. However, our servers housed in another building were right in the midst of teh blackout zone. Without email or access to our various document drives (both of which just came up again a while ago), it's been a pretty slow day.

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