June 12, 2008

I'd Buy One

Our old friend Cranky over at Six Meat Buffet has been brainstorming some new products with which to stock the aisles of Le Mart de Wal (as GroovyVic likes to call it). A sample:

1. Dye Squirell Dye

Special ammo for the paintball gun that marks squirrels with an eco-safe but permanent dye. Hours of fun tagging the squirrels that loot your birdfeeder! Get to know these little furry-tailed rats by their hue.

Heck, add some skin-eating acid and I'd even pay for the premium load.

Skootch on over and check out the rest of his mint-making ideas.

UPDATE: Speaking of such things, you lot remember the Yankee Flipper, don't you?

Fun, right? Well if you ever decide to get one, for Heaven's sake make sure to anchor it securely to whatever pole or wire you decide to hang it from: Mine lasted about three months before the bastard squirrels bounced it off its hook, causing it to fall to the patio and crack its battery case. It lasted a couple more months before the squirrels and a raccoon managed to smash the perch assembly altogether.

My YF still hangs outside the basement door. (These things are close to a hundred bucks apiece and dammit, I'm a-gettin' my money's worth!) Most of the smaller birds have adapted to perching right on the edge of the feeding holes, while the larger ones hoover the ground underneath. But the squirrels have also figured out how to hang from the bottom by their hind feet, curling up to help themselves to snacks. The raccoon? He still just knocks it down.

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