June 02, 2008

The next Charles Coughlin?

The more I read about Father Michael Pfleger, I more I am reminded of Fr. Charles Coughlin, a Depression-ear Catholic priest who went off the rails. I am wondering when the Chicago Archdiocese is going to step in and put the brakes on this guy.

BTW, I think I passed Pfleger outside the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago two years ago. I was arriving to meet a client before he testified and ran into a nut on the street in a Roman collar matching Pfleger's general description ranting on and on about the Iraq war. I was sorely tempted to engage him but he seemed well past the point of reason and continued on my way.

UPDATE Yips! from Robbo: Fr. Pfleger asked to take a powder by his Cardinal.

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They've tried to reassign him but he has built a cult of personality in his parish and they protest and threaten to leave the chuch each time the archdiocese tries to move him.

To paraphrase Lyndon Johnson, I think that it's time for Cardinal George to decide whether he's better off with Pfleger inside the tent, p*ssing out, or outside the tent, p*ssing in. I'm for the latter.

Posted by: The Abbot at June 3, 2008 06:35 AM