May 17, 2008

Gratuitous Domestic Posting (TM) - Proud Papa Division

A certain ten year old Llama-ette, who had had to be spoken to pretty sharply earlier in the season about either a) putting more effort into soccer or b) quiting the team, got her very first genuine goal this morning. She was playing right wing, and after getting a neat pass from her center, calmly picked her shot and put it into the corner of the net. I'm pretty durn proud of her, but not half so proud as she is of herself. And not only is she proud because she actually got the goal, but also because she knows she got it by starting to seriously apply herself. Nothing quite like the knowledge of a job well done to give one a boost.

The gel's team won 5-3, bringing them to 5-0 for the season against some pretty stiff competition. I know that what with finally having got a score and with the pretty solid defensive work she's been putting in the past few weeks, the gel really is beginning to feel that she is a part of the whole.

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