May 10, 2008

Random Domestic Saturday Observation

Isn't it funny how household chores naturally allocate themselves? I seem to have become the official Bedsheet Tsar of Orgle Manor by the simple formula that if I don't change them, nobody will.

The worst part of dealing with the Llama-ettes' beds is the fact that all of them are packrats and all of them use their beds as storage space. Often times, it takes a lot longer to clear the junk off than it does to strip and replace the sheets.

This is particularly annoying with the eight year old, who still sleeps in the top bunk of the bed she used to share with her elder sister. (The bottom bunk is reserved now for some of her myriad stuffed animals.) This morning I pulled 22 books, an old mylar birthday balloon, three stuffed bunny rabbits, two comforters, two old nightgowns (dirty), three socks (all mismatched), a soccer trophy and one of the coccooned caterpillars she's keeping in jars away before I could get at the sheets.

These gels don't sleep in beds, they sleep in nests.

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