May 05, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Got to work this morning and the fountain out in front of the Library is glowing green and orange in the morning sun. Looks like a big rectangular pool of Gatorade or melted margarita, with a green spout in the middle. I think the kids put anti-freeze in it. It's weirdly beautiful, but I think they should have found a way to put big salt rocks around the rim. This is a new trick - they usually put suds in it during finals.

In order to fully celebrate this glorious foreign holiday, I offer a scientific article one of our industrious students pointed out to me. It carries the evocative title:

Amoebas may vomit E. coli on your greens

The connection to Cinco de Mayo?

Um . . . limes kill protozoa, so drink up?

Yips! from Robbo:


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