April 28, 2008

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Moron

Chip and the rest of the Crack Young Staff of the Hatemonger's Quarterly break their recent collective blog-silence in order to announce the return this year for the fifth time of their always entertaining Horrible College-Student Poetry Competition. Nip on over for details about rules, deadlines and the like. Bottom line? "Meter, coherence, assonance, and displays of real talent are to be avoided."

I know that several regular Llama readers have been positively itching to make a run for this much-coveted prize. (Indeed, ol' Robbo may even give it a shot himself this year.) So get your mindless undergrad freak on and get going!

Posted by Robert at April 28, 2008 04:19 PM | TrackBack

I have already submitted my first entry. I am sorry to say that I have quite a bit of material to work with having two sons that are currently dating college women.

My first entry regards the absolutely racist treatment that Mumia has gotten from our judicial system. My inspiration for this entry was the button that my oldest son's girlfriend sported this Christmas.

Talk about self control... I thank the Hatemongers for letting me vent my spleen.

I guess their poetry contest is a mentally better way to get over myself than slamming a pot into the girlfriend's head... What better way to dispatch a green bean casserole than onto a Mumia button? But, my self control held...

Since the Hatemongers have been dark for so long, I invite all of you to make an entry. Last year I was 2nd runner up with a dog hi-Q!

Posted by: Babs at April 28, 2008 07:54 PM

College-student poetry = Vogon poetry?

Posted by: ChrisN at April 30, 2008 06:20 PM