April 23, 2008

And The Fight Continues!!

Oh boy, this is really getting good. Most analysts predicted that SWMNBN would need about an 8 point spread to credibly remain in the race and anything over double digits kept her mathematically viable. So she goes and wins by a spread of just under 10.

In other words, she won by enough to stay in without looking pathetic, but not enough to convince enough voters that she has a real shot (without seating Florida and Michigan, that is. And oh, what a legal brawl that will be).

But the bottom line is, she's in it until August. In two weeks, she takes the fight to Indiana, West Virginia and North Carolina. And her supporters aren't going away either. The Politico quotes a member of her campaign staff saying that between the moment that PA was called and 11:30pm EST, they pulled in $2.5 million, 80% from new donors. Wow.

Rich Galen's take on the results:

"She's never getting out. Hillary will not leave the race tonight. She will not leave the race before the convention in August. She may not leave the race ever...

...The Pennsylvania exit poll numbers I found most interesting last night tracked a Gallup poll from several weeks ago - that is the relatively huge numbers of Obama and Clinton supporters who told the pollsters they would not vote for the other candidate in November; they will stay home or vote for McCain. From the AP:

'The animosity between the two camps led more than one in seven Obama supporters to say they would vote for Republican John McCain if Clinton were the nominee. Even more Clinton supporters, one in four, said they would defect.'"

Let the blood-letting begin!!

Posted by Gary at April 23, 2008 08:02 AM | TrackBack

Last night while watching the returns, I spoke to a Dem friend of mine. His preference was Gore, but he supported Edwards since Gore never entered the race. Now that Edwards is out, he says he will have to vote McCain.

Posted by: Hal Duston at April 23, 2008 03:32 PM

Is it even remotely possible that this race between Obama and SWMNB could end so bitterly that the loser would run as an independent?

Posted by: Boy Named Sous at April 23, 2008 11:57 PM

The Dem convention is in the middle of August.

I'm not sure what the election laws are from state to state but I'm pretty sure it would be near impossible for the loser to 1) organize third party operations and 2) get their name on the ballot as an independent in all 50 states less than 90 days before the general.

That's assuming we don't have a loser until the convention, which I'm convinced we won't as long as SWMNBN keeps up the fight. She wants the Dem nomination. If she can't get it, she'll do everything she can to sabotage Obama's to ensure he loses. Then she can try for the brass ring in 2012 (which would be her last realistic shot at the nomination).

Posted by: Gary at April 24, 2008 08:29 AM