April 21, 2008

Ye Doom Is Ycomme True***

This morning:

"Dad? Can I go bungee-jumping?"

Um, no.

"Well, can I just tie a rope around my leg and pretend to bungee-jump?"

Ah, no.

"Well, can I climb on the roof and just jump off without a rope?"

Good Lord, no!

And no, LMC, it was not the six year old swashbuckler who asked, but the eight year old, the one who is all sweetness and light and collects stuffed animals. I suppose I ought to be grateful that she actually asked before proceeding to try and break her neck.

*** Spot the quote.

UPDATE: Seeing as nobody has tried to nail the quote yet, I'll give you a hint: The rest of the line reads "Oh, go tell the Lacedaemonians to damn the torpedoes!"

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