March 29, 2008

"Stop-Loss" joins other anti-war flicks.

In other words, it tanked. Via Drudge.

Yips! from Gary:
And Hollywood is still in denial. When asked about the dismal box-office performance, this is the insightful analysis of the studios:

"No one wants to see Iraq war movies. No matter what we put out there in terms of great cast or trailers, people were completely turned off. It's a function of the marketplace not being ready to address this conflict in a dramatic way because the war itself is something that's unresolved yet. It's a shame because it's a good movie that's just ahead of its time."
Ahead of its time? God help us if we ever reach a point when gratuitous America-bashing becomes popular with movie audiences.

Posted by LMC at March 29, 2008 04:37 PM | TrackBack

I would direct Hollywood to the following stories that would have all the all the making of blockbuster:

* Michael P. Murphy, USN
* Paul Smith, US Army

Unfortunately, Lt Murphy and Sgt Smith are unavailable as they are deceased. But a good place to start learning their stories are their Medal of Honor citations....

Posted by: kmr at March 29, 2008 05:55 PM

Amen, KMR. Time was, Hollywood was proud of being American. I haven't seen any of this crop of cr*p and won't. Turns me off the rest of Hollywood too.

Posted by: rbj at March 29, 2008 07:27 PM