March 11, 2008

Oh great, like I needed THAT today

Paging Sarah Connor....

Lockheed Martin is building on its Milstar, DSCS and commercial satellite expertise to develop comprehensive and innovative solutions for next-generation systems including the U.S. military's Advanced EHF constellation and others. A Lockheed Martin Space Systems-led team has completed a 20-month contract awarded by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence to study the privately financed development of the next-generation space-based military communications system named Skynet 5. Lockheed Martin teamed with BAE SYSTEMS and British Telecommunications PLC in this Project Definition Design Study. The study, in combination with a proposal submitted in early 2001,will allow the MoD to evaluate all aspects of the Skynet 5 system to meet the required date-of-service provision later in this decade.
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