February 14, 2008

Eyes Beginning To Open

Liberal pundit Ezra Klein of The American Prospect is having a "Wow, I coulda had a V-8" moment:

If Hillary Clinton does not win delegates out of a majority of contested primaries and caucuses, her aides are willing to rip the party apart to secure the nomination, to cheat in a way that will rend the Democratic coalition and probably destroy Clinton's chances in the general election...

...This demonstrates not only a gross ruthlessness on the part of Clinton's campaign, but an astonishingly cavalier attitude towards the preservation of the progressive coalition. To be willing to blithely rip it to shreds in order to wrest a nomination that's not been fairly earned is not only low, but a demonstration of deeply pernicious priorities -- namely, it's an explicit statement that the campaign puts its own political success above the health of the party and the pursuit of progressive goals, and one can't but help assume that's exactly the attitude they would take towards governance, too.

Let me be among the first in the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to offer Mr. Klein a hearty "DUUUUHHHHH!".

I'm sure the reality is that guys like Klein have merely been in denial about the price they paid allowing the Clinton's to seize power. It's just that now they're being forced to admit it.

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