February 09, 2008

Ipod Nation: Resistence Is Futile

The Missus got herself an Ipod not too long ago, with which she and the Llama-ettes have been delightedly fiddling, while introducing such terms into the household "syncing" and suddenly becoming the latest experts on the subject of downloads, memory upgrades and playlists.

This has awakened the Luddite in me (never a sound sleeper to begin with), and until a few days ago, I scoffed at the whole business.

That is until they sidled up to me and casually announced that they had downloaded "Silly Hat" from the Blue's Clues album, a song to which they know I am hopelessly addicted.


Well, I gave the Ipod a whirl while going for a run the other evening, but discovered it was NBG, as I could barely hear anything - evidently, my ears are not shaped in a way to get the speakers aligned properly. Nonetheless, I have been taking it off on the sly and indulging in a porkpie, pillbox, panama, tiara, turban, fez and sombrero.

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