February 07, 2008

Jo Harding Was Right!

"Now there's some good news. At least it flies!"

A bright spot out of the recent bout of nasty weather:

The Super Tuesday tornadoes killed at least 48 people, including four in this town. But a year-old siren system in the rural Arkansas county may have saved lives. Sirens blared 20 minutes before the tornado hit, enough time for Mr. Austin and his family to find shelter in his brother's basement.

With better weather monitoring and the wider use of sirens and other warning systems, the number of tornado deaths per million Americans has been decreasing in the United States for decades. Yet the tornadoes that swept the mid-South served as a reminder, experts say, that better public education and new technology, such as text-messaging on cellphones, could augment traditional warning systems.

I smell sequel here: Twister 2: D.O.R.O.T.H.Y.'s Revenge. In this one, that whacky pair of squabbling storm jocks Jo & Bill must fight their way into the sooper-sekret NOAA lab buried under Mt. Rushmore where all the data from the first successful encounter of D.O.R.O.T.H.Y with the killer F-5 is held by top men. (Who? Top. Men.) However, little do our heroes and their rag-tag band of meteorological BoHos know that the Guv'mint has actually already figured out a way not only to breed tornados, but to steer them. Further unbeknownst to the good guys, the Guv'mint has managed to pull the remains of Dr. Jonas "Nightcrawler" Miller from the Oklahoma field where he was splattered by the same F-5 and rebuild him as an all-but-indestructable killer cyborg. And NOAA knows they're coming.........

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