November 13, 2007


Any of these sound familiar?

Irritating Assistant Professors- (1) Professor What-Am-I-Doing-Here, (2) Professor Rebel-Without-A-Clue, (3) Professor Promising-Young-Man, (4) (from Mark Silcox) Professor Only-Teaches-His-G**d***-Dissertation,

Irritating Full Professors- (4) (spelling courtesy Mikhail Emilianov) Professor Couldabeena-contenda, (5) Professor Was-Cool, (5) Professor Midlife-Crises, (6) Professor Old-Yellow-Notes, (7) (from Mikhail Emilianov) Professor I-Have-Five-Stories-So-Get-Used-To-Hearing-Them-All-The-Time, (8) (from Mark Silcox) Professor Wishes-He-Was-Rich, (9) Professor Uses-Tenure-To-Pursue-Hobbies-Or-Job-On-The-Side-Full-Time

Could be Either- (10) Professor Watches-Sports, (11) Professor Will-F***-Anything-Young-and-Naive-Enough-To-Admire-Him, (12) Professor Drunk-Pants, (13) Professor Stared-Into-The-Void-And-The-Void-Stared-Back-At-Him-!-!-!

What about Professor Seriously Tardy With Grading Papers Because He's Blogging on Useless Crap All The Time?

Posted by Steve-O at November 13, 2007 12:52 PM | TrackBack

I have a friend whose professor had one change of clothing and if you knocked on his office door and ran off, he would come out with a shot gun. I wonder where he would fit...

Posted by: Margaret at November 13, 2007 02:31 PM

How about Professor Respect Mah Auth-or-i-tai! That's for the guy who won't tolerate any kind of intellectual give and take.

One of my best professors was a philosophy professors who was a #6, Professor Yellow Notes. And I had a professor #12 who overslept our final, so he gave everyone an A on it. We literally had to call him, wake him up, and tell him he overslept the final. One of the pretty young women in the class had his home number, which revealed to us all that he was also a Professor #11. Pretty amusing.

He was, of course, an English liter-a-toor professor, so our other running joke about him was that "he teaches English Lit (pause). He teaches everything lit."

Posted by: The Colossus at November 13, 2007 04:28 PM

How about Professor "Oops, I lit my hand on fire" (Chemistry); Professor "Leave me alone, I am in throes of a bitter divorce" (Business Administration); or Dean "I Never Practice Law a Day in My Life" (Law School)

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