November 06, 2007

Gratuitous Vote-Mongering Update - Time To Bring Out The Heavy Artillery

A look at the latest Weblog Awards results reveals that we Llamas are fading fast, if not on the verge of outright crashing. This is disappointing (or it would be if I didn't know that 95% of our traffic comes from people trying to google up pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Alba jello-wrestling in edible spandex).

Anyhoo, for those three or four real people who do visit our little page o' madness, remember that you can vote once every twenty four hours from any given computer. So vote early. Vote often. Vote from all the workstations in your school or office. We've still got a couple days to go, so there's time yet for a spectacular finish.

And remember what Melissa says:

"Ah, with zee Llamas, once ees neeever enough, n'est-ce pas?"

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