August 30, 2007

Ol' Fred Is In

Well, not yet. But he will be. Official date shortly to be announced as September 6th.

For all the frivolity we've had here the last couple of months over the impending candidacy, I want to go on record as saying I'm still in the "undecided" category for the GOP nomination (sorry, Steve-O).

Honestly, it's just too early as far as I'm concerned but I'm happy to join in the fun anyway.

draft fred thompson logo.jpg
Ol' Fred For President. Because he'll announce when he's dang good and ready! And you'll be grateful when he does.

With McCain fading, the top tier for the Republicans is Rudy, Mitt and Ol' Fred. I think any one of them would make for a strong candidate against she who will not be named.

Looks like we even get a "pre-announcement" on Leno Wednesday Night (which makes sense since at least some people will be paying attention).

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