August 27, 2007


If you need any indication of how slow August traditionally is for news all you need to do is click Drudge, Memeorandum or any political blog today. It's all-Alberto Gonzalez all the time.

In the grand scheme, what has changed?

- The Leftards are rejoicing because they feel they got a scalp (albeit a low-value target).
- Republicans breathe a sigh of relief that a man whom that even they would admit was not much more than a "Bush crony" is leaving this lame-duck Administration, soon to be replace by another one
- The average person couldn't tell you the name of the U.S. Attoney General to save their lives

The net effect - those few who actually follow such things political care to varying degrees. No one else does. The next biggest story (which more people are actually talking about at work) is last night's Teen Choice Awards.


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