August 24, 2007

Dem Candidates Scurry From The Eeeevil Fox News Channel

A Democratic Presidential debate scheduled for September 23rd (and co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus) has been cancelled because none of the candidates has the stones to appear on Fox News.

The nutroots is rejoicing!

Crooks and Liars:
"The netroots worked very hard on this, and deserve a lot of credit for the outcome.”

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (and what’s up with that blog name?):
“skippy himself sent $50 to sen. edwards to reward him for being first to pull out of that debate (and now skippy keeps getting more emails asking for more money...go figure!)”

“Many bloggers, including James Rucker and Color of Change, gave voice to the opposition to this debate, and let the CBC Institute know that this partnership was not only unacceptable, but embarrassing…That debate won't be missed.”

Not missed by the loony Left, that is. But it will be missed by many voters who watch Fox News and would be open to voting for a Democrat. This is simply a missed opportunity for the candidates to appear on the most watched news channel on television. And they snub the CBC, to boot? This makes sense?

So if the men (and woman) who wish to be the next Commander-in-Chief are too terrified to appear in a forum that they perceive as hostile, how do they expect to convince America that they can stand up to terrorists? Or hostile nations like Iran? Hmm?

It also begs the question, if the nutroots exerts such influence over Democrats when they’re only running for President how much would they have over one who actually gets elected?

python run away.jpg
“Oh no! It’s Brit Hume! Run away! Run away!”

Ed Morrissey opines:

“For the Democrats, this completes a rather sorry episode in which they ran like frightened children from the nation's most popular cable-news channel. The Republicans came under scorn for resisting the YouTube debate on CNN, but most of them have already agreed to a rescheduled CNN/YouTube event closer to the primaries. (Mitt Romney has not yet committed to it.) Pundits and bloggers claimed that the GOP was running scared. The GOP, however, has already done a debate with talking head Chris Matthews as a moderator, while the Democrats have not bothered to venture into any forum less friendly than Keith Olbermann's studio.”
What a bunch of pansies.

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