August 23, 2007

Good News For The Goracle

Portly ex-VP and global warming alarmist Al Gore took 51% of the vote in an Arizona Presidential preference straw poll!

When tallying the votes, the local party leaders considered both the "first choice" of voters and the "popularity" of candidates.

The popularity vote was important because it showed who voters would chose if Gore does not run.

Gore won the first choice by 51 percent, followed by Edwards with 17 percent, national front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton with 14 percent, Sen. Barack Obama by 9 percent, Sen. Joe Biden by 6 percent and Rep. Dennis Kucinich by 3 percent.

Edwards won the popularity vote by 29 percent, followed by Gore with 26 percent, Obama with 19 percent, Clinton with 14 percent, Kucinich with 6 percent, Biden with 4 percent and Richardson with 2 percent.

As things look less and less hopeful for the former ambulance-chasing Edwards, the propects for Gore's shot at the Dem nomination look brighter.


I can only imagine the enjoyment of watching him and Nurse Ratched pummelling each other in the primaries. And if he actually won the nomination? High-larity would ensue!

Run, Al, Run!!! Speak truth to power, baby!

[Disclosure: I can't remember where I filched that sweet graphic from so long ago but if I did I'd gladly give credit where credit is due]

Posted by Gary at August 23, 2007 09:43 AM | TrackBack

wow. I have to learn how to cut and paste with animation. outstanding graphic. except that I snarfed on my monitor.

Posted by: tdp at August 23, 2007 10:44 AM

...actually, what we need is one of her like that.

Posted by: tdp at August 23, 2007 10:46 AM

Am I just reading that wrong, or are 26% of Arizona Democrats going to vote for Al Gore if he DOESN'T run? So, applying the logic behind keeping Nader out of the race, Al will face a steadily increasing drumbeat of encouragement to not only stay out of the race, but to physically off himself as we approach November 2008?

Posted by: kross at August 25, 2007 07:52 PM