August 21, 2007

Gratuitous Llama Vacation Mini-Book Review

Well, I had visions of great liddusher planned for my week off, but instead found myself laughing over a couple political satires by Christopher Buckley:


No Way To Treat A First Lady - When the President dies after a night of passion in the Lincoln Bedroom with a very thinly disguised Babwa Streisand stand-in, the Hillary-like First Lady is put on trial for assassination. An amusing insider tour of the bed in which Big Politics and the Media sleep with each other.


Florence of Arabia - After failing to stop the religious killing of an Arabian princess, a young State Department employee hatches a plan to start a feminist revolution in the hyper-Islamic Kingdom of Wasabi and receives unexpected help from shadowy figures within the U.S. Guv'mint.

I won't give away plots or anything of that sort here. Suffice to say that Buckley has a keen wit and a sharp knife, which he uses to effectively hamstring any and every subject within his reach. At the same time, unlike Tom Wolfe, he's not a scold. Instead, he serves up his particular brand of social satire with his tongue in his cheek and a twinkle in his eye. This perhaps leads to a certain want of gravitas in his novels, but at the same time when one is finished with them, one isn't consumed by a desire to go out and hang oneself, as is so often the case with Wolfe's more sledgehammer-like works.

Posted by Robert at August 21, 2007 10:09 AM | TrackBack

I love his books.

Posted by: LeeAnn at August 21, 2007 10:56 AM

I remember when "Florence" first came out it was just as the videotape beheadings started to appear. I remember Buckley appologizing profusely for making comedy out of what was then a very shocking and disgusting event. (Isn't it a sorry state that we now take beheading as an expected occurance?)
I have read the book twice. Once, when it first came out and I could see the comedy in it. But, the second time I read it, roughly 6 months ago, I couldn't help but think that Buckly was foreseeing what we in the west couldn't possibly see at the time of writing...

Posted by: Babs at August 21, 2007 04:23 PM

Florence of Arabia was a better book for me. If I recall correctly, the review blurb from the WSJ that is on the cover calls the book 'a comic fatwa'. Not a bad description at all. I've been trying to get the women in my wife's book club to read it, but no luck yet.

As an aside, why is it that NOW and all those groups are not shouting from the rooftops about how miserably women are treated at the hands of the islamofascist types? I guess for the same reason they lined up to stone Monica and defend Bill...

Posted by: tdp at August 21, 2007 05:09 PM

Just finished Boomsday. What a fun read. Buckley pretty much skewers everyone who gets in his way. His eye for DC is blade sharp.

Posted by: Chef Mojo at August 21, 2007 06:48 PM