August 06, 2007

Tom Glavine Hits 300 Wins

Yeah, I know other than Mets (or even Braves) fans this isn't all that big a deal. But it's something I've been watching closely for some time. The left-handed pitcher entered an elite group when he earned number 300 in Chicago last night. It was a great moment to watch. While Glavine will almost certainly go into the Hall of Fame as a Brave, it's nice to see him hit this milestone in a Mets uniform.

Glavine and son.jpg

With this monkey off his back, Glavine can concentrate on helping New York win its division and finish off his career with a solid post-season performance. I'd be shocked if he stuck around next year as I'm sure he'd like to settle back down to Georgia and spend some quality time with his kids. But who knows? I expect the Shea faithful to give him a standing "O" in his next start, this Saturday against the Fish.

He possibly may be the last pitcher to reach this milestone. As A Friend Of Mr. Glass explains over at Yankees2000: Promote The Curse:

I'm not sure we'll never see another 300-game winner, but in an age of the cream, the clear, the flaxseed oil, and the what have you, well, 300 wins for a soft-tosser seems infinitely more impressive than 500 HRs for A-Rod or, almost implausibly, 755 for Bonds.

It's an accomplishment you can take at face value, and if nothing else, that's something to savor in this era.

Just had to filch this graphic from Metstradamus!

Glavine 300.jpg

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