July 31, 2007

Gratuitous Bachelor Llama Posting - Waypoint Update

The Tasty Bits (TM) Mail Sack is stuffed with letters much like this one:

Hey, Tom!

How's that swinging, hedonistic, temporary freedom thing working out for ya? Been stayin' up all night playing Age of Empires III and watching Conan-fests on DVD? Been playin' 36 holes of golf every weekend? Been sneakin' off to Nats games or the local bar after work? And what happened with that Llama Recipe meme?

Details, man! Details!

-The Dude

Welllllllll, truth be told, I really haven't done much more than drift for the past, what, ten days or so. This frequently happens when the Missus and the gels leave and I suppose it is really a matter of conditioning: they've become the trade winds of my life, if you will, and their departure often leaves me in the doldrums, my bowsprit boxing the compass and my masts threatening to roll themselves out on the long, oily swell. [Ed. - Uh, I've got Mr. O'Brian on line two and he's kinda steamed about the direction your prose is taking.] I feel enervated and listless, and unless I've got a very specific agenda of projects and/or playdates mapped out ahead of time (which I failed to do this year), I usually wind up simply sitting about and reading, too tired even to get up the energy to go to bed. (Of course, the beastly summer weather and the fact that I've now slid into my own pre-vacation apathy probably contribute as well.)

So far from living the life of Reilly, I've pretty much confined myself to keeping Orgle Manor running at minimum power, taking care of the cats and fish and making sure the houseplants don't die from lack of water. Not much more. In short, I have been an extraordinarily boring Llama all this time.

Oh, and as for the recipe thing, well, that plan got caught in my motivational brown-out as well, but don't worry - you folks sent in some excellent suggestions, and I can't see any reason whatever not to use them once the family is all back together and I am running at something closer to normal power.

(BTW, speaking of the Llama-ettes, I can't help noting that the nine year old reported scoring her first bullseye at archery yesterday, about which she was immensely pleased with herself. You could almost feel the pride radiating through the phone. Yip! Yip! Indeed.)

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