July 17, 2007

Return of the G-File?

Jonah says it's back:

By the way, I knew the G-File hadn’t been appearing much around here when relative newcomer Nathan Goulding — a.k.a. “Chaka” to “Corner” readers — once asked me: “What’s the G-File?” Oh, how poor Chaka was beaten that day. Though a secular Jew, I nonetheless visited the wrath of Israel upon him. I must have wailed on his head with his aluminum leg braces for hours. Even now, all you have to do is start a sentence with the “Jee” sound — as in “Gee, these pretzels are making me thirsty,” or “Gee, Lance sure drinks a lot of beer” — and a flinching Chaka pleads for mercy, in his panic knocking down his cubicle walls, as if he was Gollum seeing Sam Gamgee come through door, stinking drunk, ranting about how his wife left him for a particularly effeminate elf and he needs to take it out somebody. But we didn’t kill poor Chaka (When The Walls Fell) because we’ve gone through more webguys than Spinal Tap went through drummers.

I believe the G-File was the first regular web column that really nabbed my attention back in the late 90's when we office slaves started keeping multiple browser windows open at work all day. More than once I had to hastily explain away muffled snorts, guffaws, and streams of coffee cascading out of my eyes, nose and ears as reactions to the funniest thing ever some potential client just said. In the hiatus during which Goldberg's been working on his book, I've missed it sorely. Whether he can return to the glory days remains to be seen, but I for one am certainly willing to welcome him back.

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