July 12, 2007

Why I am a Burkean, in one easy lesson

This is just wrong:

Lawyers and judges are to break with centuries-old tradition and cease wearing horse-hair wigs of white fake curls in non-criminal cases, the head of the country's judiciary announced on Thursday.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, said new dress rules would mean the requirement for the wigs, which legal professionals have worn since the 17th century, would not be needed in civil or family court cases.

Wing collars and bands can also be dispensed with in such cases according to the reforms, while judges will need just one gown in future instead of a variety of colourful outfits currently required.

The wigs will still be worn in criminal courts.

"At present High Court judges have no less than five different sets of working dress, depending on the jurisdiction in which they are sitting and the season of the year," Phillips said in a statement.

"After widespread consultation it has been decided to simplify this."

A review carried out in 2003 found that more than two thirds of respondents wanted to eliminate the wigs in civil cases, although most said criminal court judges should still wear them.

Insert your Lord Chancellor's ruling on wearing of white after Labor Day joke here.

The pictures accompanying the story are photoshop gold.

UPDATE: I'm saving this for future reference to mess with, the next time Robbo gets his shorts in a twist on a finer point of law or otherwise mocks the legacy of Sandra Day O'Connor:

lord chancellor robbo.jpg

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Who knew that those silly wigs were made of horse hair? This is why I read the Llamas...Useful info you might not find anywhere else...

Posted by: Babs at July 13, 2007 02:18 PM