June 29, 2007

Reason #454,312 Why I'm Such A Lucky Dog

The Missus and Mrs. LMC are hosting a baby-shower for a friend of theirs at Orgle Manor tomorrow. I had been having vague yet ominous forebodings that I would somehow get sucked into helping out with this hen-fest, perhaps even being tagged with basement babysitting duty.

Well, such is not the case. Off her own bat and without any whining from me, the Missus arranged for me instead to go play a round of golf with some of the other hubbies while the ladies were busy cooing over baby presents and gossiping.

I'm not worthy!

UPDATE: Oh, and speaking of lucky dogs, the LMC's Future ROTC Scholarship Recipient gets to spend tonight and tomorrow with the Llama-ettes, all of whom adore him. Not too shabby!

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