June 29, 2007

Immigration Bill Post Mortem

...or "how the last few weeks have changed the political landscape for 2008 and beyond".

Winners and losers, as explained by Dean Barnett. Here's a couple of pull quotes:

Winner: You "I donít think a single Senator changed his mind on the underlying merits of the bill. Those that changed their votes did so because they heard from their constituents. So whatís the takeaway? Your voice counts. In a democracy, thatís a very fine thing."

Loser: The Bush Administration "The top priority right now for the administration should be the war. And yet the president spent what little political capital he had trying to shove this atrocious immigration bill down the countryís throat...

...If the base demands victory in Iraq as loudly as it demanded defeat for this immigration bill, the Republicans in congress will once again listen."

Loser: The Democratic Party "Securing the border is something that 90% of the country feels should be done immediately and permanently...

...the Democrats have given us the greatest gift of all Ė an issue that moves the country much more than members of the political class realize and on which the Democrats find themselves on the wrong side."

Loser: John McCain "Yes, heís right on the war, but a lot of senators are right on the war. But McCain has been so wrong and so destructive on so many other issues, his relationship with the base is fractured beyond repair. Perhaps the Senator can take some solace in the fact that he never had a chance in the presidential race anyway. Even before McCain/Kennedy thudded into the Senate with McCain demanding its passage in 48 hours, the Republican Party had his number."

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Oh nooos, now who'll contribute to the GWB presidential library fund?

Posted by: Ed Flinn at June 29, 2007 09:52 AM