June 25, 2007

Embracing Our Earth Mothe - OW! That HURT!

Yahoo! is trumpeting the little town of Hastings, Nebraska as the winner of something it calls the "America's Greenest City Challenge". A cursory glance suggests that in order to get "credits" in this contest, municipalities are supposed to pledge to take this and that various actions to improve what Mrs. Platinka, our regular substitute teacher, used to call "the en-vyyyy-rin-ment."

Yes, sounds all noble and stuff, right? But what does it get you? Freaking seven inch hailstones, that's all:

Hastings Hail.jpg
(Image found here.)

Coincidence? Perhaps - but are you willing to bet the future of your children and your planet on it? I didn't think so.

(Oh, by the way, I notice with some amusement that Fairfax, VA places in the top ten. Fairfax is exactly the sort of SUV-driving, stripmall-building, McMansion-infested suburban energy remora that the enviro-crowd howls about the loudest. I hope none of their hailstorms wanders up into my own little community.)

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