April 25, 2007

BDS Alert!!!

Don't think Bush Derangement Syndrome is a real concern for non-Moonbats? Check this out: Man Arrested In Threat On GOP Official

A man accused of threatening a Nevada Republican Party official with a rifle was arrested Tuesday in a vehicle in which police found swords, knives, a shotgun, shells and a flare gun, authorities said.

Matthew Hunter Kramer, 31, did not resist officers who arrested him on a warrant issued after the April 3 confrontation at state Republican Party offices in Las Vegas. It wasn't clear why he was not arrested earlier.

Zachary Moyle, executive director of the state GOP, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Kramer invited him to look at something in the trunk of his Mercedes before pulling out a rifle, pointing it at his face and warning that he would be back if President Bush vetoed an emergency war spending bill being considered by Congress.

These people are not well.

Posted by Gary at April 25, 2007 04:17 PM | TrackBack

Wait- he had swords? If you were a hard core conservative, then you could almost stomach being taken out by a sword. Especially if the perp shouted something like "Now is Gore by gore reveng'd!" Old school and all that.

However, a rifle shot to the head would be a senseless tragedy.

Posted by: dillene at April 25, 2007 03:29 PM