March 12, 2007

Between Iraq and a hard place

Obey and Pelosi, a little light on the details:

What was that date again? What-evah. (And yes, what they are going for here is in effect a legislative veto that is unconstitutional).

I tell ya, Pelosi is making me pine for the fearless and compellingly convincing leadership of President Mackenzie Allen.

And in honor of that sterling display of exactitude, together with our King Leonidas could kick Jack Bauer's ass as well as that of the Persians theme of the night, I leave you with this:

As an historical side note, I just realized that the title of this video really should be "Attack of the Wicked Robot Lesbians from the Planet Jiffy Pop."

Yips! from Gary:
Even the WaPo calls bulls**t on the Dems' plan:

Ms. Pelosi's strategy leads not toward a responsible withdrawal from Iraq but to a constitutional power struggle with Mr. Bush, who has already said he will veto the legislation. Such a struggle would serve the interests of neither the Democrats nor the country.
It must be starting to sink in for Pelosi and company: "Democrats retreating from call to retreat."

run away.jpg

Run Away!! Run Away!!

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