March 09, 2007

Holy crap!

This up at Hot Air (with the full transcript at Malkin's) is painful, truly painful to watch.

My favorite part is when the earnest nutrootian tries to lecture Rep. Obey on how they should just filibuster it in the House.

I have a magic feeling the nutroots have just hoist themselves on their own Sidarthian petard.

UPDATE: Robbo, you're our resident Mister Language Person. How is the plural of the earnest citizen of the nutroots pronounced: nut-RHOOO-SHE-an, or nut-RU-TEE-an?

I prefer the former (nut-RHOOO-SHE-an) has a nice John Houseman-esque roll to it, but then I'm generally I'm known as a philistinic poltroon on matters of language and culture.

Yips! from Robbo: The correct pronunciation is nut-RHO-shen (with the final "e" getting shwa-ed like billy-o). And remember to keep your teeth firmly clamped together when saying it.

Posted by Steve-O at March 9, 2007 01:12 PM | TrackBack

I have several problems with Mrs. Mom's story. She states her son is a US Marine, who has had two tours in Irag and is getting ready for his third tour in the sandbox.

Where I start questioning is her assertion her son had attempted suicide, and IS STILL being deployed? What? I srongly doubt any field commander would allow Marines or troops in the field that are suicidal.

Also, Mom asserts her son had been "bounced around the VA" - Doesn't the Vet Administration support those servicemen who have LEFT active duty? So, he should be treated in the regular military hospitals, and I doubt (again) that a military or DOD physician would approve him returning to the field.

Something is not adding up.
This contradicts the belief that he is going back, since the folks going back are on active duty and would be treated in the regular military hospitals.

Posted by: kmr at March 9, 2007 04:16 PM

Yep---there was something fishy about that. Not surprisingly, no details were included in their video.

Posted by: Steve the LLamabutcher at March 9, 2007 05:42 PM

About 2 min into the video she said her son was honorably discharged after his 2nd suicide attempt. But your right I also kinda heard he was going back? What's that about?

For me the funiest part is when she asks him if he's going to vote against the bill... and he answers: "absolutely not, I'm the sponsor of the bill!" My immediate thought: Heh, amateur!

When working the hill, you need not only the Rep's pictures, you need to have a list of bills they're working on (which they sponsor and are trying to get support) so you'll know if its a lost cause from the start.

Ambushing a Rep in a hallway, or in a bathroom as I heard someone did, especially without even a copy of a paper of what you're talking about is total wast of both your times. AMATEUR!

Posted by: michele at March 10, 2007 10:56 PM