March 02, 2007


Curmudgeonry turns five, which is practically paleolithic in the blog world.

Jordana goes all Inside the Actor's Studio on us with this look back:

He'd been reading Andrew Sullivan and Instapundit and figured he could blog too. So he signed up on Blogger and started his own little blog. We started out all high brow and foreign policy and current events related, but when Justin left the government job and doing work requiring billable hours, I took the whole thing over. Unfortunately, because of some trouble with an unreliable host we lost some of the middle blog years, but still five years ago today, Justin posted the first post Curmudgeonry post ever. I didn't write my first post until March 6, when I made fun of Alec Baldwin after having been subjected to one too many viewings of Thomas and the Magic Railroad. And here we are now...

Ah yes, the rapid descent from highbrow yet trenchant fiskings of Foreign Affairs articles to making fun of how fat and pathetic Alec Baldwin has become. We know nothing about that around here.........

Anyhoo, congrats to Jordana and Justin, and having read now some of the Curmudgeonry early posts, we look forward to the day when Justin becomes a guest poster over here at the LLamas. After all, we're always on the look-out for a new writer who knows the ropes and is all in favor of annexing Canada (well, maybe not the Frenchie-French parts).

UPDATE: And while we're on the subject, happy 2nd blog year to our favorite former real-life neighbors over at The Bonny Glen.

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