February 06, 2007

Random Commuter Observation

As usual, James Lileks says it best:

Without the wind itís not that bad; wind makes the cold cruel and malevolent, a ravenous thing that sticks its fingers down your collar and up your cuffs. Without the wind, the air feels vast and vacant; the world is a great empty room, waiting to be furnished by the sun.

'Course, it's five below up where he is and ten above where I am. Many of you will probably dismiss this as so much mid-Atlantic nancy-boy whining, but I'm cold.

(Of course, I'll look back on these frozen commuter walks with fond feeling and not a little regret when I'm being parboiled in late July and early August.)

UPDATE: The Irish Elk has a dose of what'll warm up yer toes a bit.

Posted by Robert at February 6, 2007 08:33 AM | TrackBack

Hey Robbo, it wasn't simply five below here yesterday, it was, in fact, TWENTY TWO DEGREES BELOW ZERO. I'm not talking about wind chill. That was the actual temperature.

They didn't even cancel school.

Mid-Atlantic Nancy Boy, indeed.

Posted by: Kathy at February 6, 2007 11:10 AM