January 29, 2007


Survived the weekend quite well, actually. The Dear One and Miss Somersault (age 10) left for New York Friday morning, and got back late last night. All things considered, things were perfectly fine. Mr. Skinny (age 8) was having a mild allergic reaction to something on Saturday, with a bit of pink eye, some puffiness around the eye, and tingling in his hands. Other than that, he was okay, if a bit dramatic at times. Miss Stubborn (age 4) really rose to the occasion and was quite good. Mr. Small (who will turn 2 tomorrow) is, well, Mr. Small, and a terror of a flirt to the young ladies when we were at the Bodo's bagels on Sunday.

The big flutter came Sunday afternoon, when my account formats on my MacBook seemed to be wiped out. I think I might have done it, by some odd sequence of events. When I rebooted the machine, it treated my account as brand new---it remembered my password, but all my account settings were wiped clean, and my documents file was empty (calendar, iphoto, and itunes as well). After recovering from the initial stroke, I used the spotlight feature to search for and found all the files---my account stuff, instead of being in the little house icon, was in a separate file in the applictions finder area. Strangeness. So I started to move stuff back (after making 3 backups) and have remigrated my documents. I can't get the itunes or the photos to properly migrate, although the files are all there so I didn't lose anything. I don't know about the icalendar, which would stink if I lost the data as I've really started to use it quite extensively particualry to keep track of work hours. I'm going to take it in to work tomorrow and have the IT gurus look at it. But in the meantime, for those Mac experts out there, any ideas on what happened?

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