January 24, 2007

On The Horns Of A Billemma

Michael Medved has an amusing piece on the biggest unspoken challenge facing the presidential candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton Rodham:

Anthropologist Margaret Mead, a popular professor during my years at Yale in the late 1960s, frequently challenged students with her famous formulation that the biggest problem for any society is to try to decide what on earth to do with its men.

Biology dictates a clear, crucial and inevitable role for women, focusing their energies on childbearing and raising the next generation. For males, however, culture must come up with some arbitrary, artificial but carefully constructed assignment to channel their considerable energies into constructive efforts.

Along the same lines, the biggest problem for the current Hillary-for-President juggernaut is trying to decide what on earth to do with Bill.

It will not be an easy task. The six alternatives Medved discusses certainly cover the bases, however.

BTW, just to stop endless silly nattering here and now, the husband of the first woman elected president (whoever she may be), should properly be referrred to as "The First Gentleman." I fail to see why there should be any confusion on this point. (That the Big He might get this title is a horrid idea, but that's a side point.)

Posted by Robert at January 24, 2007 05:55 PM | TrackBack

"Presidential Consort" would be better, I think.

Posted by: Little Gidding at January 25, 2007 06:08 AM

Medved's article is a hoot. Bill might consider Antartica to be a warmer place than life with Hillary, plus he can have his girlfriends fly in without the papparrazi there.

Posted by: rbj at January 25, 2007 10:27 AM