November 25, 2006

Gratuitous Domestic Posting (TM) - Outdoor Division


Dear Black & Decker:

While I find your Leaf Hog to be a very useful tool for dealing with the annual deluge of leaves on and about Orgle Manor, I can't help pointing out two defects of which I think you should be aware:

First, despite your advertisement of the "Anti clog Vortex vacuum system," the Hog does not appear to have been designed to deal with wet leaves when being used in the vacuum/mulch mode. I understand that it may be much preferable to collect leaves when they are dry, but it rains a great deal in Virginia in November and, given the limited amount of time I have at my disposal, I have to take conditions as I find them. And having to stop every thirty seconds in order to unclog the tube or the neck of the mulch bag strains what little time I have even further.

Second, while I understand the need to save costs, I really believe that your designers cut the corner too closely when they chose to attach the mulch bag to the blower by nothing more than a thin plastic tab. After just a few uses, this tab develops the propensity to slip, thereby causing the bag to pop open and shower the user with bits of mulched leaf. And while I don't doubt that the amount of leaf mulch that makes its way into my stomach by this method constitutes an excellent source of fiber, I can't help but believe that any health benefits gained thereby are negated by the detrimental inhalation of such bits into my lungs at the same time.

In the event that you decide to produce a Mark II version of this product, I hope you will keep these observations in mind.

Yours sincerely,

Robbo T. Llama.

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