November 22, 2006

Me Don' Wan' Go Home!

As much as I enjoy Thanksgiving itself, I always dread the commute home the afternoon before.

In his benevolence, Uncle Sam lets us go early on this Wednesday. The trouble is that everybody else in Dee Cee seems to do exactly the same. The result is that the Metro is invariably clogged and often broken down to boot. The roads out in the suburbs tend to be equally saturated. My usual commute door to door is about an hour or so. I fully expect to double that today.

On top of this, the weather here on the afternoon before Thanksgiving is almost inevitably beastly. It's pouring rain out there right now. And with the wind up, an umbrella is more a form of protest than any kind of actual protection.

Of course, as usual I've left it late to pick up the adult beverages for tomorrow from Total Bev. The parking lot of the place, usually fairly quiet in the evening, is going to be a zoo.

As a bonus this year, I've got a brief to work on over the holiday which means I'm going to be hauling several pounds worth of paper home, probably dislocating my shoulder on the way to the metro.

Aaaaaand, I'm not saying anything official regarding the possibility that I picked up the four year old's stomach bug, but lunch sure isn't sitting well right now. Urg.

Do you think anybody'd mind if I just closed my office door and slept for the next couple days?

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