November 09, 2006

This is going to be interesting

I actually woke up in a chipper mood this morning, and I don't really know why (other than actually getting a full night sleep last night for the first time in a week). But this screed from UberDonk Nutroots Obergruppenfuhrer Jane Hamster just made my day:

I know it is serving the purposes of Robert Novak, Rush Limbaugh and Rahm Emanuel to paint this as a victory for conservatives who don't exist, but I can only hope that as time goes on the wingnuts who place all their hopes in Rahm's illusory candidates have their little parades rained on.

It might take a while for journalists who like to have their stories pre-chewed by crack teams of DC establishment PR flacks to catch on, but this "triumph of the centrists" meme is a Rahm Emanuel spittle-soaked fantasy. The country ran from conservatives like a bad case of crotch lice and no amount of PR spin can re-write that.

How will the loss of Lamont reverberate through the far left? Will they be blinded so much by their power and drunk with hate that they wind up demonizing their own centrists and blowing 08?

Not like there's any recent history of that or anything.

The Political Pit Bull has a much more detailed take on Hamsher and the NutRoots transferring their hate from Joementum to Rahm. We can only hope that it takes.

Bonus points for the person who predicts correctly how long it will take them to do a blackface pshop of Rahm.

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A circular firing squad afer a victory. That's how crazy these guys are.

Why do I suddenly feel better about 2008?

Posted by: The Colossus at November 9, 2006 09:47 AM