November 07, 2006

Election Day

Until two years ago our sleepy ridge-top community in central Virginia still used the old levers-n-switches inside a curtained booth-type voting machine. I loved it. It reminded me of going to vote with my parents back in the 60's. Even the elementary school cafetorium where we voted took me back to those days with its tiny stage and mustard-colored velvet drapes.

Alas, progress eventually found us and now I shift from foot to foot in the elementary school gym, impatiently waiting while scenes like the following unfold along the line ahead of me again . . . and again:

Vote Assistant: You have to register your vote before you leave.

Blue-haired woman: What?

VA: Push the green box.

BHW: I did!

VA: Push the green box in the upper right corner.

BHW: I did! [pause] It ain't doing noting.

VA: [peeking at the screen] Right here.

BHW: Oh.

Me: [in my head] ARRRRGGGHH!!!! Bring back the machines with levers!!!!

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