October 25, 2006

What? Me Obsessive?

The other day I linked to the Hamsterpault, a silly little game with a Wagnerian twist.

Well, since then, I've found myself playing it at odd moments, consumed with the desire to figure out how to improve my score. So now I think I've got down such things as the best launch angle, how to best use the updrafts (note - don't let them shoot you into outer space - funny, but fatal to your forward momentum), how to snag a green ball instead of a pink one, and even how to control a landing so that you can launch yourself again on the bounce.

New top score? 680 feet, baybee!

YIPS from Steve-O: To heck with the Hamsters---here's Gonzo meets Jackass. Shoot him out of the cannon into the bucket of water. And try to top 13425.

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