September 23, 2006

Bin Laden.........dead?

Yadda yadda yoda.

Although, if the foundation of the story is true, I'd love it for our counter-intel spooks to spread the word that instead of typhus, it was syphilis (preferably contracted from his pet goat).

But just remember if it is indeed true: Fightin' Bill Clinton wanted to kill Bin Laden back when Bill was in high school---it was his Eagle Scout project and everything, and it would've worked, if it wasn't for that whoreson RethugliKKKan Scout Master who wouldn't sign off on it.

The inhumanity of those bastages!

UPDATE: More here. Color me skeptical.

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Great site. Very well done.

Posted by: Dr. Jeff at September 23, 2006 08:16 AM

Bill Clinton - still obsessing over his place in history. Presidents will be remembered for their defining moments, those events which summon to the forefront that Chief Executive's moral fiber and courage, which in turn will lead the government and the country. Those events, which are often unplanned, unscripted crises, reveal much about the man and their principles.

Bill's place at best will be a small one. With the exception of the attempt to nationalize health care, Bill's efforts were small ones. Excluding his personal affairs, Bill Clinton didn't take risks.
Bill Clinton's defining moment was his public assertion over relations with "that woman". And we know how that turned out.

In contrast,

Ronald Reagan's was his handling of of the Air Traffic Controllers (PATCO) strike, and facing down the Soviet Union over the defense buildup and missile defense.

Bush the Elder's defining moment was Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Bush the Younger's defining moments are 9/11 and the Gobal War on Terror.

Posted by: KMR at September 23, 2006 08:20 PM