September 21, 2006

Congressional Coverage Update: Tradesports Desk

The futures contract on the Republicans retaining control of the House is now trading at $55.2, whereas control of the Senate is trading at $82.6.

To quote Han Solo, "Don't get cocky."

Senate races in particular:

Joe winning in CT: $71

Donk seats in trouble:

MD $65 ($15 drop for the Donks as Oreogate mushrooms)
NJ $42 (Tom Kean Jr. is trading at $57, and I'm sure he can thank Jim McGreevey for his "I was a gay governor" book tour for reminding NJ voters)

Republican seats in trouble:

VA $73 (polls are close, such as they are)
TN $60

OH $32
RI $30
MT $30
PA $20 (apparently Unibrowgate not having a big impact)

The biggest change since earlier in the week is Maryland's Democratic seat coming into play, swinging 15 points today. Calling all races above $57 for the incumbents, that leaves the Democrats with a net pick-up of three in the Senate, half of what they need for control.

Later in the week, I'll start handicapping the @15 House races that are in play.

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