September 12, 2006

This one's for Robbo

Robbo has a bee in his bonnet about Randolph Macon Woman's College going co-ed. Fine. But, a tricky question is raised: if Randy Mac (RMWC) is no longer a WC, and there already is a Randolph Macon College, then what should the new co-ed entity in Lynch Vegas Virginia be named?

Let me be the first to propose:

Randy Mac Daddy Polytech
Randy Mactabulous Universitus
Randy Mactastick Pimpalicious Collegium
Randy Mac Diddly Doo

Of course, putting "Randolph Macon" as the first name and "College" as the last name into the Pimp name generator produces the name for the new president of their school:

Professor Truth R. Fresh

And the head of their political science department? Why, Dr. Diamondtrim College Large, of course!

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