August 31, 2006

LLama Loose in Philly

So I'm up in Philly for the political science geek convention, but just got in this morning. I was supposed to come yesterday on AMTRAK, but the train was close to 5 hours late and would have gotten me in at 3 AM. So I cancelled (which was surprisingly easy, and I think a concession to how regularly late their trains run), got up at 4 AM, drove to DC, got on the Acela, and arrived here just awhile ago.

Anyhoo, I'm supposed to meet up with Gordo but need to get back in touch with him. Gordo, I'll email you, but are you still up for shenannigans? Let me know.

Posted by Steve-O at August 31, 2006 09:19 AM | TrackBack

You got that right, Steve-O. But it's gotta be tonight or on the weekend.

Please get in touch ASAP.

Note to Llama-fans: Llamas (and Alpacas) are secretive and timid creatures. Any excessive contact with non-domesticated ones will cause them to flee.

Posted by: Gordon at August 31, 2006 09:49 AM

tonight is jammed--friday or saturday night?

Posted by: Steve the LLamabutcher at August 31, 2006 10:38 AM

Gotta juggle some stuff, but I think Friday eve. could work.

What flavor sauce do you like on your McNuggets?

Posted by: Gordon at August 31, 2006 12:44 PM


I don't meet to be so forward, but do you have an email account or cell phone?

Otherwise, I'll have to arrange the meeting place using cryptic messages left taped to the bottoms of mailboxes.

Posted by: Gordon at August 31, 2006 05:20 PM

You have crossed me for the last time Steve-O. Now you shall taste my wrath.

Posted by: Gordon at September 1, 2006 06:09 PM