August 02, 2006

Why I love the internet, Volume MCMLVIII

Here's someone visiting from some L.Ron Hubbard-forsaken remote part of China, and what do they dial us up looking for?

llama traffic.tiff

Better that then the pervs who inundated us today searching in vain for pics of Juliet Huddy's feet.

Again with the Juliet Huddy! But at least the foot fetishests didn't come here like some sad sack worrying about Donkey pregnancy test. I'm sure the IP address originating from John McCain's Senate Office is surely a sophisticated hack, and has nothing to do with the reports of his tequila-fest with Senatorix Clinton last month. Yet somehow, in Algore's wild, wild, internets, we still sit astride Google like Slim Pickens riding an SS-20 over all traffic for "Israeli special forces and their sexy, virile llamas."

Okay, I made up the "sexy" and "virile" parts in a desperate attempt to get Juliet Huddy's attention.

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