May 22, 2006

XXIV Liveblogging---LLama Style

Here's Dave Barry's intro:

This is it, 24 fans. Tonight is the night. Hard to believe, isn't it? Months ago, when we embarked on this staggering waste of time exciting group adventure, we were just a ragtag bunch of misfits. But today, after 22 hours of collectively watching Jack Bauer race all over the greater Los Angeles perimeter shooting, choking, stabbing and yelling at people in his relentless and desperate quest for a plot, we are something more: We are pathetic no-life losers a highly disciplined viewing unit. And I am darned proud to be part of it.

Tonight, the Neighborhood Ladies' Book Club is here, scourge of my existence that it is. So, I've got kid duty, and so I can pretty much guarantee you that no kids will be safely ensconsed in bed until, oh, 9:45. So here's my prediction of what my liveblogging of tonight's episode will be:

Here we go!



totally saw that coming


commercial--hate this one

allstate, again? didn't he get greased a day ago?

oops here we go again

wow, house repeat looks good

i've got great news! you know how to fix this noo-lear sub problem? no! but i just saved a lot of money switching to geico


chloe rules


i don't care what they say---that's a fetching manpurse Jack is carrying

man, that was totally predictable


impeach logan!


this is totally lame

grim reaper time!

that's going to leave a mark

this show has totally jumped the shark






where did that come from?

i totally called that

what the.....?

didn't see that



this totally sucks

chloe and the homeland security matron getting it on---didn't see THAT coming

ewwwwwww, gross




totally lame

best season ever

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