May 11, 2006

CARNIVAL OF THE BAUER coming tonight!

jack  bauer super pda.jpg

That's right, the LLamas are hosting the Carnival of the Bauer---your one stop internet shop for all things related to Jack Bauer and the tee-vee show 24. What are we going with for a theme? Glad you asked: it's all things conspiracy tonight, as the show winds down to it's last three hours. Is the world-wide conspiracy manipulating weasely President Logan being run by the guys supervising a Dell call center in Bangalore? Is Gerald McRainey going to swoop in to save First Lady Nutzo Martha who is trying to pull a Marilyn Monroe (clothed, thank the Lawhd Gawhd) in the back bedroom? Did Professor Plum do it in the conservatory with the lead pipe? And how exactly are the Knights Templar involved in this, anyhow?

Bonus points go for links to Jack Bauer versus Voldemort; Jack Bauer, Sheriff of Mayberry; Jack Bauer accidently commandeers (for national security purposes, of course) Bertie Wooster's car, with Bertie firmly behind the wheel; and anything that has even a tangental reference to the Pete Best of 24, Lou Diamond Philips. Et tu, Kemosabe? Also, as a play off of the "little known facts about Jack Bauer" we are sponsoring a "Things we really didn't need to know about Jack Bauer" segment, including this for the people always bitching about "Jack never eats, he never goes to the bathroom" etc etc.

What can we say, our super sekrit agent is, if anything, efficient:

(Let me just say that the following pic below the fold might be outside of our mission protocols. While not necessarily unsafe for work, it certainly might cause you to want to skip lunch. Why post it? Because I, like my super hero dissident of the Chimpy McHitler Regime O' Death currently being tortured in Gitmo by having slightly undercooked tofu delivered with his copy of Variety Steve Colbert, I am a tireless speaker of truths to power. Or deliverer of pizzas to complacency. Or misquoter of Jefferson in defense of dissent, who, if he had had the option, would have dropped some serious nook-lear firepower on the Bey of Tripoli (or was it the Bashaw? I always get those durned Barbary titles mixed up):

jack bauer on the can.jpeg

And somehow Julia Roberts didn't want to marry this guy....

Don't say I didn't warn you. Courtesy of Blogs4Bauer.

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