May 08, 2006

Politics? Gawd!

John Fund on Ken Mehlman's trip to Capital Hill to rattle the Congressional G.O.P.'s cage over the '06 elections. If, as the article says, Mehlman's warnings got some serious attention, I'm glad. Fund's thesis is that control of the House is for the Republicans to lose and that they'd better get their act together now in order not to let that happen. I happen to think he's right. This isn't shaping up to be another '94, as much as some people wish it would, but that doesn't mean the Republicans couldn't blow it.

On the other hand, Fund also says something I've been thinking about this weekend regarding the Donk's alternative offering:

So far Democrats are offering little should they take control of the House. Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader, told the Washington Post last week, that she planed to launch a series of investigations, starting with the five-year old meetings of the energy task force that was convened by Vice President Dick Cheney and that the Supreme Court has already ruled was within its rights to hold secret meetings. The Washington Post reported that "Pelosi denied Republican allegations that a Democratic House would move quickly to impeach President Bush. But, she said of the planned investigations, 'You never know where it leads to.' "

Frankly, I think this kind of talk is a big mistake for the Dems. Not only is it a sure way to fire up the G.O.P. base, I really don't sense that it will have much appeal outside the Moonbat community. There's a lot of general dissatisfation with the government, but it seems to me to be based on frustration over the perceived inability of Uncle to act efficiently in the face of the various foreign and domestic issues we face. Campaigning on the promise to throw Washington into virtual paralysis by unleashing endless investigative vendetti probably isn't the answer to that sentiment.

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